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June 6, 2009

The last night

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Under the night sky
We shared our favorite stars
Our hearts were laughing like were so high
Try to know weather its Venus or Mars

It’s already late but our minds were still alive
With our blankets we sat side by side
That moment there’s nothing more to hide
Every same story we give each other a high five

We keep on asking questions about each other
It was like the time for us didn’t matter
I will not forget the surprises and the laughter
Those are the things I will cherish forever

I wish that night will never end
It is one of our memories that no one can bend
Being with you makes everything so bright
No one can erase our awesome last night

April 18, 2009

One of A Kind

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An angel came down from up above
She has smooth skin and as white as dove.
None like you can ever find
Cause’ you are one of a kind.

You’re gorgeous, passionate and smart
Your gentleness can melt one’s heart.
These adorations I cannot hide
Cause’ you are one of a kind.

Whenever I hear your voice it completes my day
When you smile at me it makes me wanna’ stay.
Since then I can’t take you out of my mind
Cause’ baby you are one of a kind.

March 18, 2009

Passenger’s seat

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As I hold the keys in my hand
I staring at you from a distance
Someone needs a ride to the train
I said to myself I wish she’s with rain

While the car is on intense heat
My heart jumped as I saw you on the backseat
A friend told me I should visit you often
I smiled as I look at rain again and again

When we are the only people in the car
We took the other way though it’s far
I felt she’s all mine for a while
I’m so willing to take the extra mile

We shared stories that is fun and tragic
I really thank God for the heavy traffic
There is joy in my every heartbeat
Cause I got all what I need here in the passenger’s seat.

March 7, 2009


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When the music starts playing
I see the dance floor clearing.
You are the only one I see
That dwells within me.

As I walk towards you my love
My heart pumps beating out loud.
My hand shivers as I hold your hand
I can’t stop staring at you as you graciously stand.

You’re a goddess dancing with me in motion
You alone posses my full adoration.
You are the perfect girl in my sight
The angel that came down from the sky.

The dance made us so close to each other
Our hearts speaks gently that no one can bother.
I wish we can dance like this forever
Our love will be our music as we draw near to  one  another.

January 19, 2009

A Dream

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When I tightly embraced my blanket
The scent of you I cannot forget.
It feels like you’re wrapped in the arms of mine
Never will I let go till the end of time.

As I close my eyes and lie over the bed
Pictures flashed from the back of my head.
Strange things happened whether happy or sad
Everything is so blurry that I can’t comprehend.

Later I realized it is you I’m dreaming of
Your eyes, your smile, your voice so soft.
Everything looks impossible when I’m awake
Extraordinary things happened in my dreams, though its fake.

I saw you walking on our promise land
You are with me singing as we hold hands
Immeasurable happiness dominated as my dream began
Until the sun opened my eyes and made everything gone.

January 17, 2009

The moon represents my love

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01 /16 /09

Years had passed and my love for you grew up
Above all people i can see you on top.
I wish i could tell you how much you mean to me
But im afraid of losing thee.

I love you more and more each day
You are in my mind in every way
I will say this day after day
Cause i love you more than words can ever say.

Things going on right now looks hard
I pray that the almighty show you my heart’s shout
As God see us from up above
Just remember that the moon represents my love.

January 5, 2009


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As I open my eyes under the rising sun
I asked the world if you’re already awake
I’m like a fast driver in a race
That is so excited to see you’re face

When we stepped down from a box called car
People stared at us like we are a star
They are wondered and puzzled while were afar
They looked at us as if there is something special.

We are like kids when we saw the pool and the shower
Amazed, thrilled and always beside each other
We smiled as we sat on the same frame together
It was like it is the beginning of forever.

My Stand

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Walking in the cold dark night
Wondering if I can win this fight
I’m so eager to take every step I will make
Sometimes I hold back as I need to wait.

I dreamed that you are so close to mine
Opening my eyes seems that you‘re so distant
I can’t stop myself from staring at you
Especially when you are looking at me too.

Even though I will face storms and giants
I will risk my life as I firmly stand
I’ll stop the time just to hold your hand
Cause’ there’s nothing in this world that can change my mind.


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Here I am again
Sitting on one corner
Thinking of someone
Who always sticks on my mind!

It’s nice to remember good memories
At the times we where together
Revealing stories that we’ve never shared before
I wish until now it will always be.

If there is one friend that I would fall to
I cannot deny it was you
Those laughters I can’t forget
Your encouragements without regret.

Thousands of people I use to talk to
No one listened but only you
You appreciate every word I say
When I sing, I joke and when I pray.


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I cannot believe that I’m doing this,
Saving all the memories I could have miss
Treasures that reminds me of what you are
Whenever I’m separated from afar.

Treasure that I read all day long
In school, church and in my home
The time had passed that we always talk
Even a single shot – I didn’t caught.

Every time I am alone
I look towards on my phone
There are 80 messages that you sent for me
That is why my phone is filled with your memories.

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